With our state-of-the-art “Same Day Dentistry” procedures, we are able to fix your teeth and give you a good lookin’ smile all under one roof and in just a single visit to our dental office here in Tulare.  Dr. Marvizi is also board certified in Conscious Sedation Dentistry so there is no need to fear, you can relax and virtually snooze through your dental visit. 



We bet that you never thought you’d enjoy a visit to the dentist…Well, we’re set on changing that. Let us take care of you and we promise that from this point forward, you’ll be ready to smile. Click here to get started and together we’ll put your best smile forward.



There’s nothing better at night than a nice, loud snore. Except perhaps a CPAP machine. Right? Not so much… Not only does sleep apnea interrupt a lovely evening, it can lead to a stroke, a heart attack, or worse. We have the solution. Click here to learn more.




Absolutely wonderful Experience from initial consultation, thru painless procedures. Completely satisfied with the professional staff and excellent care provided by Dr. Marvizi. Great overall Experience!
-David A.

Joseph Marvizi, DDS

Tulare dentist Dr. Marvizi has been in the dental private practice sector for close to 30 years! He thrives on making strong connections with his patients, and he gets pleasure watching families mature through their dental care…Click Here for more fun facts…





No Insurance, No Problem!

We offer our own Dental Savings Plan. For as little as $26.99 a month plus a $50 enrollment fee, you can have your own plan that covers x-rays, exams, two cleanings, and more at no additional cost. No forms, no waiting period, no pre-approval. Go Here to learn more…


Need a simple cleaning? We can do that! Straighten your teeth with Invisalign or braces? Yep!  Elite Invisalign Provider Dr. Marvizi will straighten your crooked teeth without metal or wire.  Need a full mouth reconstruction to get your smile back online? Sure thing!  Want to know more? Click here to see a complete list of our services, technology and our special comfort menu which we put together just for you.


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