We Love Dentistry

Some of us knew in grade school, when our parents realized we’d rather hang out at our dentist’s office more than the ball field. Others ended up here quite by surprise, finding out that life is what happens when you’re making other plans. For example, one of us was going to be a professional basketball player, another a feminist professor. Another was going to be Captain America. A cowboy. An astronaut. Ah…what dreams may come.

Thankfully, life had other plans for all of us, and now we have a combined love for dentistry that boggles the minds of “normal people.” The good news? You and your family get to benefit from our obsession. See? It’s a win-win for everyone!

Take A Look Around The Place:

office-tour-photo-5Did you know it is estimated that 50% of Americans are dental-phobic? Yikes! That shocks us, but then, we are major dental nerds. Just in case you’re that one out of two, we put together a couple tours of the Smile Central Valley dentist Tulare CA office to help put you at ease before you arrive. Also you can Go Here to learn a bit more about our Sedation Dentistry.