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John K Sullivan DDS

John Sullivan DDS Offers Professional, Experienced & Friendly Family Dentistry Tulare CA for all Ages.

Regular visits to your dentist’s office can solve a multitude of problems when it comes to your oral and dental health. Patients can get help for a number of problems that occur within the realm of basic dentistry. Smile Central Valley is a multifaceted institution that has several experienced and compassionate dentists on the premises. Their main goal is to help patients to restore and maintain their smiles, which can help to boost their self-esteem. Additionally, such dentists can help with some sleeping problems that are common in the world today. New patients can see one of the office’s many dentists for assistance with the following aspects of general dentistry: Examination The very first step that Dr. Sullivan will want to take is examining a new patient’s mouth. The examination will include a full set of X-rays and a personal conversation to get to know the person. Discussing a new patient’s history is important to discovering existing problems and resolving them. A physical examination is necessary to help identify pockets and other problems in the mouth. Teeth Cleaning Teeth can become stained for a number of reasons. The most common cause of teeth staining is coffee drinking and cigarette smoking. Medications and genetic disorders can cause teeth discoloration, as well. The dentist can use several teeth whitening procedures to bring the teeth’s enamel to a sparkling luster. The number of appointments will vary according to the severity of the patient’s problem. Fillings Dr. Sullivan can apply fillings to the cavities to prevent enlargement and preserve the teeth. Patients can select fillings that are made of amalgam, composite or porcelain material. Luxury gold fillings are available, as well. The dentist will install a filling and test its effectiveness before he moves on to another procedure such as a root canal or extraction. Fillings can last many years if the patient takes care of them. Braces Braces are a part of mouth restoration that can result in an increased sense of self-confidence and an outgoing personality. The office can provide everything from traditional fillings to Invisalign® devices. Invisalign® is a clear plastic device that can straighten the teeth in a shorter time period than traditional braces can. Other Services Smile Central Valley provides a wide variety of additional services that can help patients with mouth-related illnesses. Sleep Apnea is a common problem that occurs when something is obstructing the airways. Dr. Sullivan has a number of oral devices that he can use to fix sleep Apnea problems and restore a new patient’s health. New patients can put all of their trust in the specialists at the Smile Central Valley dental office. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing the elements that make patients relaxed and happy. Serving the cities of Tulare, Corcoran, Visalia, Exeter, Porterville and Hanford CA with all of their family dentistry needs.