Gum Enhancement:

If you suffer from gum recession – the result of bad genes or years of wear and tear on your delicate gums – it used to be the only gum disease treatment Tulare California solution was painful, costly and time-consuming surgery. Ouch, in more ways than one! And yet, we all “age” each other not by our clothes or our hair or even the state of our wrinkles, but by our smiles.


Thank goodness our own Dr. Marvizi, dedicated continuing education junkie that he is, has invested the time into learning a revolutionary new gum enhancement technique that takes little time, is almost painless, and gives results in days rather than weeks.


Known as the “Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique” or PST, this new technique can take years off your smile and save your gums with no sutures, no scaples, and faster results that last longer than the old option.

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Meet Dr. Marvizi

Tulare dentist Dr. Marvizi has been in the dental private practice sector for close to 30 years!He thrives on making strong connections with his patients, and he gets pleasure watching families mature through their dental care…Dr Marvizi Tulare DentistClick here for more fun facts.



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