Dental Implants Here in Tulare

The days of a glass sitting on your nightstand, filled with a pair of dentures, are long gone.  Granted, if you prefer and/or if we can offer no better solution, modern dentures can also extend the quality of your life.  But with new technology and Tulare Dental Implantologist Dr.Marvizi’s continued commitment to continuing education, we can instead replace missing teeth with an easy, permanent solution: dental implants. Permanent? Yep!  A dental implant is almost always permanent, and fixable if any issues arise.  Placed in to bone of the jaw, the bone actually fuses to the implant so that, in essence, you have a new tooth.  Actually, implants are stronger the the teeth they replace!  Then, we create a beautiful, completely natural-looking crown to complete the restoration, and you leave our practice better than when you arrived. Dental implants even allow us to incorporate other technologies – like crowns and bridges – into an otherwise hopeless or complicated treatment plan.  Even better, because they become a permanent fixture of the jaw bone your face and smile stays intact.  With traditional dentures, it is inevitable that within a year or so your jaw (particularly the lower jaw) will begin to collapse inwards – a result of the loss of your tooth structure.  That means that no matter how beautiful a denture looks, no matter how closely we mimic nature, in the end a denture won’t fit well, won’t function well and your face will suffer the consequences. Not to mention your appetite. The good news is that dental implants can reverse a lot of the consequences of missing teeth, and mitigate them before they even appear.  And all very easily and affordably, all right here at Smile Central Valley. So if you have missing teeth – and therefore a “missing” smile – give us a call and talk with us.  We like nothing more than restoring smiles, and thereby restoring lives with dental implants here in Tulare.

Meet Dr. Marvizi

Tulare dentist Dr. Marvizi has been in the dental private practice sector for close to 30 years!He thrives on making strong connections with his patients, and he gets pleasure watching families mature through their dental care…Dr Marvizi Tulare DentistClick here for more fun facts.


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