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We can’t say it enough: sleep apnea is a killer at worst and a buzz kill at best. Despite our cultural tendency to make fun of snoring – and to be irritated by it – the truth is that more likely than not, your snoring honey is on the path that leads so often to the old obituary: “he died in his sleep.” Haven’t you ever wondered what exactly is going on during the night that ends up in such a common and accepted fatality? Heart attacks and strokes happen – are triggered, finally – by sleep apnea. Take the Sleep Apnea Survey Try it out for yourself. You probably think we’re exaggerating – if so, try this quick and easy test. Hold your breath for the count of 20. We’ll wait, don’t worry. Now, that wasn’t too hard, but slightly uncomfortable to say the least. Now, do the same thing, but hold your breath for 80 seconds. Can you even do it before you give in to the need for oxygen? It turns out that those suffering from sleep apnea (and it is estimated that there are at least 44 million Americans who fall under this category) play this game with their life over and over, every single night. Hence, triggering fatal events. The many, many, many danger of sleep apnea. But there’s more to the dangers of sleep apnea. For example, how many deaths occur each year due to fatigued driving? Thousands. How many work days lost? How many otherwise healthy people develop colds and flus in response the stress of chronic fatigue? Type 2 diabetes? Develop depression, anxiety, and more? Loss of energy, loss of a sex life, increase in appetite? General stress? The answer is staggering. And yet, we continue to label snoring a joke. Now let’s consider is the issue of weight retention. Perhaps you’ve heard that obesity can lead to sleep apnea because it becomes more difficult to breath but you probably didn’t know that it actually leads to weight gain and retention. During normal sleep, your natural metabolism resets itself, getting ready for the next day and your normal routine and caloric requirements. But when you have sleep apnea this resetting process doesn’t happen and the result is an out-of-balance metabolism, weight gain and stubborn weight retention. What about my insurance? Did you know that if you’re diagnosed with sleep apnea, you probably can’t get life insurance. Seriously, because insurance companies know what we know – that sleep apnea will most likely kill you in the end. On the other hand, most health insurance companies will cover our unique dental appliance because they also know what we know – treating sleep apnea immediately reverses the horrible and horrifying list of consequences listed above, makes patients instantly healthier, helping with everything from mental illness to obesity. I hate my CPAP machine (we don’t blame you!) While many doctors will continue to default to the traditional CPAP as the only viable solution to sleep apnea, studies are proving that the rate of success is equal between a CPAP and dental device and even more importantly, up to 90% of patients discontinue their CPAP before a year is out, whereas dental appliances are easy to use and integrate into your sleep environment. It turns out that most sleep apnea sufferers are not necessarily male and overweight, despite our belief they are, and the hated CPAP machine, while effective, is not the only effective solution, despite a lack of awareness in general healthcare. In fact, a thin young woman can have sleep apnea, as can a child, as can a grandfather. (Source: click here. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23997711) We have the solution. Lo and behold, our dental sleep apnea device of choice: SomnoDent. (http://somnomed.com/patients/somnodent-product-information-for-patients/) By simply opening up your jaw a bit, when properly customized and fitted to you, studies show that a dental device (the best of which is the SomnoDent) is as effective as any CPAP with no symptoms or side effects. With no tubes, no extension cord, no drowning sound every night, no drowning feeling while you sleep. You see, a CPAP is literally forcing air down your throat, attempting to “open” up your narrow airway with air pressure. Yuck. Our dental appliance simply gently opens your jaw a bit, so that narrow airway is no longer narrow. No noise, no electricity, no fiddling with the cleaning lots of parts, no carting a machine wherever you travel, no feeling of drowning. To us, the choice is obvious, especially when studies continue to show that a custom made dental appliance that fits properly works equally as well as a CPAP. Period. Still unsure? Come in for a free evaluation. If you or a loved one is snoring and starting at night, if you’re waking up a lot during the night or waking up feeling like you’ve been hit by a train, if you find yourself consistently sleepy during the day – pick up your phone and call us. When you come in, we’ll talk with you a bit and give you all the information you need to decide whether your quality of life is worth a good night’s sleep. Several of us here at the practice have benefited from the device and will be happy to talk with you, or any of our very happy and very well-rested patients. Whatever answers you need, we’re here to answer them, so call us now at 559-686-0078 and let’s get you taken care of.

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